domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Tourism in Argentina

If we are speaking about world tourism, it's good to know that
Argentina is considered one of the most visited countries in America.
Why is that? It is simple... because of its beauty, its geographical extentions, its
cultural offering and its natural attractions which captivates people
all over the world.

You may want to know a bit more about some popular spots in Argentina:
- Buenos Aires City, which is called sometimes the 'Paris of the South',
offers a broad range of cultural and traditional activities like
tango dancing, cafés or sightseeing tours.
- Perito Moreno Glacier, located in the South, provides wonderful views of the
rivers, high mountains, old forests and an amazing 'ice land'.
- Iguazú Falls, which are succeding in being one of the world's 7 nature wonders,
located in the border between Argentina and Brazil, has about 300 water drops that go as high as 70 mts.
- The Argentinean sandy coast, whose wide beaches
are washed by the Atlantic Ocean, formes an incredible place to enjoy.
- Humahuaca Canyon has a long valley in the North with over 10,000 years of
history where ancient cultures dwelled. Today its rituals and traditions are still

However, from North to South, there are more magnificent and stunning places.
Have you seen them all yet? So, why don't you come and visit ARGENTINA?!

by Augusto and Ramiro

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