sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

Dear students!

Thank you all for participating and making the most of this experience!!!!!

Technical issues have certainly been the biggest problem but I'm really grateful for your help!!

Hope it's been an enriching experience for all of us (people from Argentina and Sweden)

Personally, it's been a pleasure to know all of you and I'm willing to keep in touch with both Normal and Swedish students (I'd like to meet you when you come!!!!)

Count on me for whatever you need.

Love, Adri!

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

We have enjoyed this expirence , but we think it would have been better if we had done it in a more organized way. We hope we'll get the chance to keep in touch with students from sweden as soon as we can to get to know them before they come in octuber
Bianca , regina and antonella

First time we communicate

My experience on this first time was great, I really enjoyed chatting with the other girls. It was much more than what I expected. I hope next time we all be able of speak and see each other.

Looking forward to get in touch soon,

Mari y Sofi.
our opinion is that the idea was great but the expierence has been quite dissappointing because we don't have the technology gadgets to communicate. we hope we have another chance to talk with sweden students.

First skype conversation

We'd like the experience to be more organized, because we didn't like being all togheter in two computers. But we still want to talk with the swedish students to know them before they come in october. We think this is a great experience for practising our english and get to know more about other cultures. :)

Ramiro, Amelie and Florencia

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

General characteristics of sweden

language: Swedish. There are Finnish-speaking minorities and the Sami or Lapp in the north. Children from 9 years learning English as a first foreign language.

Religion: 86% of Swedes belong to the Lutheran Church. There are other Protestant minorities.

Social Conventions: are very important basic rules of courtesy. If you are celebrating something, before drinking it must wait until the host makes a toast. The way of thanking a meal is with the phrase 'tack för maten.'
people often wear casual clothes, but some restaurants and clubs require their customers stylish clothes. The invitations will specify if you require a suit or evening dress. There is no smoking in most public buildings and in transportation.

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Tourism in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, located in the country of Västra Götaland. Touristic attractions include Kungsportsavenyn Avenue, museums (Museum of Fine Arts, the Hasselblad Center, etc) and many theaters. There are also several parks, which form a large recreation area. The best known are Slottsskogen (in its land it is located the Museum of Natural History, an observatory, a zoo and a sports field), Vasaparken and the park Trädgardsföreningen (botanical garden).
And if you visit the city in the last week of January, you should go to the International Film Festival (Göteborgs film festival). Events such as Kulturakalaset, Göteborg Jazz Festival, etc are also very interesting.